SWTOR – Guild Dancer


SWTOR is set to be released December 20, 2011!!

Pre-Order Available Today for SWTOR

Okay, you can finally pre-order the game here!!

Star Wars at E3 and

Its getting closer to the long awaited release of Star Wars: The Old Republic. I’ve been voicing Sergeant Ava Jaxo for the past two and a half years and can’t wait to see her in action. Bioware and Lucas Arts have been releasing some amazing trailers, here is one of the latest, courtesy of Its called “Return”.

Glimpse into SWTOR…

“Deceived” trailer

“Hope” trailer

…looking forward to the release and to see my character in action. Go, go, Sergeant Jaxo!

She Said

Okay, so here is a sneak peak of my new favorite band…

Hello WordPress!

So, its now April and I haven’t posted a new blog since December! This is mainly due to the fact that my old site was a huge pain to update. So, after much consideration I’ve decided to change my site format and jump on the WordPress wagon. We’ll see if this fixes the problem…